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Idea Kitchen

The Best Minds...

The Best Ideas.

Welcome to The Culture House Idea Kitchen!

Great ideas are at the very heart of The Culture House. In fact, The Culture House is really an experiment in how to apply the best ideas to the arts and culture world so we can benefit the artists and the community with beauty, truth and goodness.

The Idea Kitchen is our lecture series where we bring in people who have good things to share. The Culture House is a Christian organization, so we look for speakers who bring excellence of thought and help open up reality in its truest form. The events start with a lecture of some kind, a period of Q&A, followed by a nice dessert reception for all.

As far the best minds and the best ideas, you never know whether that comes from the speaker or the audience! So, let’s get cookin’ and find out!

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Spring 2024 Event

Systems Biology

Speaker:  David Leavitt - Engineer, Scientist, Lawyer, Judge, Microcell Biologist, Businessman, and Inventor

Saturday, March 23, 2024

7:00pm:  Lecture, Q&A

The Culture House Stage & Studio at Oak Park Mall (2nd floor, Nordstrom Wing) 

Cost:  TICKETS NEEDED! Free to the public, but must register


What is Systems Biology?  It is a scientific approach to understand the behavior of entire biological systems by studying interactions among its component parts.   Systems biology has been responsible for some of the most important developments in the science of human health and environmental sustainability. It is a holistic approach to deciphering the complexity of biological systems that starts from the understanding that the networks that form the whole of living organisms are more than the sum of their parts. It is collaborative, integrating many scientific disciplines – biology, computer science, engineering, bioinformatics, physics and others – to predict how these systems change over time and under varying conditions, and to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing health and environmental issues.

Engineer, Scientist, Lawyer, Judge, Microcell Biologist, Businessman and Inventor, David Leavitt will be unpacking the latest in scientific discoveries perspectives in Systems Biology.  Most interesting will be hearing how Systems Biology can completely change our perspective on the material world and our relationships to all things in creation. 

This is cool stuff that will blow your mind?!!?! 

Link for reservations:

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