Community Talks

 At The Culture House, we strive to give young people opportunities to realize their purpose, develop their drive and gain discipline through the performing arts. And we strongly believe that every child is created with a unique set of gifts and talents, and a purpose to pursue. So in 2001, we expanded this mission beyond the walls of The Culture House and into the community, through the STAR program.

The STAR Program educates challenged, at-risk youth in the arts, life skills, character, spiritual development and civics. In many cases, children and youth who are coming from severely broken situations experience consistent failure in school and want for positive opportunities to develop their gifts and talents. This has a devastating effect on their self-confidence, and ability to learn and succeed.

The STAR Program engages these students in art classes to engage their imagination and potential artistic gifts, plus taking them through the learning process. Students rebuild their sense of hope and discovering their personal interests and calling.

Since the start, The Culture House has partnered with The Ozanam School, Gillis Home For Boys, Second Mile Ministries, Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts, The Salvation Army, TLC, Kaw Valley Behavioral Healthcare Centers and others.

One of the highlights of the STAR Program is Super Nova Days. These special one-day events include students from all over the city, experiencing a broad array of performing and visual arts classes. These special days break down social barriers, insecurities, prejudices and false limitations, opening the door to new possibilities.

As a community-supported program, The STAR Program at The Culture House relies on the support of individuals, families, businesses and philanthropic organizations to help us continue to offer excellent programs with family values in a kid-friendly environment.

Partner with us in bringing hope and practical tools to very worthwhile children. To learn how, or to bring the STAR program to your young people, contact STAR Program Director Marc Wayne (LINK to contact info).

"We've had the unique opportunity to work with the STAR Program who tell the kids that they can do something with their lives…. I've watched them blossom to the point where , not only are they able to do what the class requires in singing, dancing, and acting, but they carry it (confidence and success) over into their academics…. (The STAR Program) has enabled the kids to have enough confidence in themselves to start to dream. They're sharing ambitions and goals. They want to go to college…. It's been a really good addition to our program."

-Teachers from Ozanam Home for Boys and Girls